Hi and Welcome to my UX Cafe... my world of User Experiences! Before you jump onto my portfolio, here is a quick self-introduction… after all it is important to know with whom you are going to have steaming cup of coffee!

As you would have guessed, I am a User Experience Consultant with over 8 years’ worth of challenges behind me. During these eight years, I have worked across a variety of platforms, organizations, industries and geography on short / long-term contracts including employment with MNCs.

My passion is to customize user experience by making simple, intuitive and beautiful products which feels personalized and are pleasure to use. After all, we choose items or applications which are easy & fun to use and with just right functionality…! And that is what I have learnt in last eight years through challenging experiences and CUA / CXA / Gamification kind of certifications. By the way, I often tell my friends that I am the first Asian lady to be awarded with HFI’s CXA certificate!

Enough introduction about me… It is better you refer my testimonials, portfolio and blogs... before your coffee runs out of steam…!

And if you are really interested to know about my work and capabilities… then nothing can beat a good chat over coffee..! So, connect with me through LinkedIn or drop me a line on mirabhatt@yahoo.com ..!

Mobile : +91 9880151021
Email : mirabhatt@yahoo.com
LinkedIn : mirabhatt
Skype : mirabhatt